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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to our most commonly asked questions and all their answers!

If you have any further questions (that you can't see the answers too below) please send us a message on Facebook.

Can I run the 2k Fun Run with my child?

Yes and you don't need to buy an extra ticket if you do decide to join them! 

What time does the race start?

Ellesmere 10k begins at 11:00 and the Children's 2k starts at 10:30am, please arrive in time to register!

Who takes the images for Ellesmere 10k?

Bryan Dale, and you can download them from for no cost whatsoever!

Are numbers posted or collected?

Numbers are collected on the day, as well as your Ellesmere 10k T-shirts and medals.

Is there an official video?

Yes! The video is produced and uploaded to YouTube by Bryan for the 10k and 2k races.

How do I win an award?

Awards and prizes are given out to the winners in each age category and medals are collected on the finish! 

What is the track record?

The track record is an amazing 29 minutes and 12 seconds, the 6th fastest race in the UK!

Can I run the 2k with a pram/stroller?

We don't condone prams and strollers on the 2k route but back carriers/front carriers are perfectly acceptable.

What roads will be closed?

Please refer to our 10k and 2k route to see the roads effected!

Can we sponsor Ellesmere 10k/2k?

Sure! Get in touch with Paul Davies using the Contact details at the bottom of the page!

What's the car parking situation?

Car parking is available at Lakelands until 10am, there are plenty of streets around Ellesmere eg, Tesco, The Mere.

When is the next Ellesmere 10k/2k?

Sunday 27th August 2023 (the next August Bank holiday weekend!)

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